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Gore Family Foundation & Eurotrend - Sprucing up St. Anne’s Infants School!

St Anne kitchen cupboardsOne of Gore Family Foundation’s (GFF) core values, which they insist be part of any one of their basic school’s programmes (and there are several in each of our schools!), is that of proper nutrition.

Good nutrition fosters good health in young children and encourages learning! To this end each school has its own nutrition programme and the school cooks are encouraged to attend regular seminars and workshops hosted by the GFF and presented by a trained nutritionist, who certifies the attendees as they go through the ‘grades’.

In keeping with the GFF’s emphasis on good, daily nutrition for their young charges at the basic schools under their umbrella, the Foundation believes that every school should have a proper, functional, hygienic kitchen with state-of-the-art cupboards and drawers. In cooperation with the Foundation’s ‘parent’ – Gore Developments Limited (GDL) - it’s a case of Eurotrend to the rescue, again! A key sub-contractor of GDL, Eurotrend once more (having previously done a brilliant job on Arnold Road and Shady Grove’s Basic Schools’ kitchens), came to the fore, surveyed St. Anne’s and quickly went to work to transform their kitchen into one that is practical, easy to maintain and smart! Any cook would love to work in this one!

Thanks and kudos to Eurotrend for bringing St. Anne’s Infants’ kitchen looking as it should – the Foundation, the staff and the children certainly appreciate the effort!

Janice Casserly

Gore Family Foundation

(876) 331-3259