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Capital Improvement Projects for Gore Family Foundation Basic Schools

Basic Schools KitchenSeveral Basic Schools in the corporate area supported by the Phillip and Christine Gore Family Foundation received much-needed capital improvements during the last school semester.

Chetolah Park Infant School received new kitchen cupboards as a result of the Foundation’s collaboration with Eurotrend Manufacturing Limited who again answered the call of the needy and provided beautiful cupboards for the School’s kitchen. This is the third donation of its kind that Eurotrend has made.

Mission House Methodist Basic School received 600 ceramic tiles with attendant grout and thin set.  Principal, Kyc-Ann Scott expressed the school’s appreciation “We are truly grateful and happy for the assistance you have given to our school thus far. As we continue to strive for excellence we are delighted that you are a part of our journey to improve our learning environment.”

Internal classroom reorganisation has taken place at Sandhurst Early Childhood Development Centre and Chetolah Park Infant. New storage units, whiteboards and book stands ensure that small spaces are utilized efficiently and in a child friendly way.

St. John’s Basic School received a 400 gallon water tank with a pressure pump as well as a commitment from the National Water Commission for regular water delivery. Gore Homes plumbing and electrical contractors Messrs Cockrane and Murray also provided the installation services for fans and lighting for the kitchen.

These carefully planned and professionally executed improvements will positively impact the learning environment of several hundred children.